Growth is not only an issue in Spanish Fork, but across the Wasatch Front. Fortunately we are geographically located where we have the ability to shape and plan our destiny in many ways. The General Plan of the City is a living document to help guide us as we grow, to make decisions that will most benefit our community. It is updated with public input every few years. It can be found here.

I am a proponent of planning regionally and acting locally on land use decisions. Jefferson said the “Government closest to the people governs best.” State law requires that we residents retain the quiet enjoyment of our own property, and that government protect such. Private property rights are considered sacred to me. I feel less government intrusion in our daily lives is a good thing. I will continue to be the elected official that stands up for that right, while planning wisely for commercial, industrial, professional, retail, and residential growth.

I am a free market capitalist. America is the greatest country on earth because of many things. It was founded by Patriots who dared to dream and were brave enough to die for it. I’m convinced we will maintain that status by continuing to foster and unleash American ingenuity and prosperity. Economic success of our City has been my focus for over a decade. It has kept our taxes low, and services high. I’m proud of the results, and excited for the future.


  • The recent completion of Fire Station 62 and the Intermountain Healthcare Hospital have added tremendously to the safety of our City. I’m proud to have been a part of the solutions and coordination that brought these to fruition. Spanish Fork is rated as the safest city in the State. An article listing the safest cities can be found here.
  • Public Safety is a top priority for me. A few of the recent statistics of where we stand as an agency today:
    • 24 hours (full time) EMS at Station 62
    • 30 Firefighters
    • 30 EMT’s
    • 40 Police Officers
  • Chief Adams and the Spanish Fork Police Department are held up as one of the best in the State. We will continue to fund and support them in the ways they require to maintain the safety and security we enjoy in Spanish Fork.


  • People love living in Spanish Fork for many reasons, but recreation is near the top of the list. The parks, trails, fields, pickleball courts have been a priority and will continue to be. We are held up as one of the best recreation departments in the State. We will make sure we never lose that status.
  • While recreation provides opportunity to better our physical health, Spanish Fork has lead out with opportunities to improve our mental health as well. The Spanish Fork Active and Healthy initiative was started five years ago from a successful grant application and now has momentum that will continue long in the future. Read about the program here.
  • This is the last year with our community pool as the high school is expanding. Since it was built over 20 years ago, we have added many other amenities in our city to enjoy during the summer. The reservoir, splash pads, and of course the All Abilities Park Adventure Heights. However, residents have reached out consistently to us stating their desire to build a pool as we lose the current one. We are working with consultants and citizens to chart the best course forward to get that done in a fiscally responsible way.